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Leadership+ is a focused leadership training program designed for aspiring, high-potential community members.

Offered by Valencia College Continuing Education, a premier provider of workforce development education and training, the program consists of eight monthly sessions, through which you’ll determine what type of leader you want to be and how you’ll leave your mark. In addition to studying established leadership theories and practices, you’ll visit innovative industry sectors and meet with local business leaders to find out how they put their skills into action. Along the way, you’ll gain practical knowledge that you can apply immediately within your organization and community.

A leader’s first work, her most important and enduring work, is her interior work.

Dr. Sanford Shugart, President of Valencia College


Actionable +

Our program’s academic approach allows you to study and reflect on leadership practices, theories and models. At the same time, Valencia’s workforce development focus will provide you with skills you can use the very next day on the job.

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Traditional +

Central Florida organizations—from small, entrepreneurial ventures to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies—rely on Valencia for leadership development. Leadership+ provides individuals with our proven solutions, while also encouraging experimentation and discovery.

Valencia College Leadership Plus Training Program

Individual +

Leadership+ brings people together from all levels and industries. So, while you are developing your personal leadership mission, you will also be learning from classmates and influential local leaders. This amounts to much more than networking opportunities; it cultivates a community camaraderie.

Valencia College Leadership Plus Training Program 


This eight-month program is designed for those who want to make a difference in their organizations and communities. Each class is limited in size to encourage relationship building, interactive learning and individualized development. Local leaders with national reputations serve as course instructors, allowing you to learn from their real-world experience. Through it all, participants will define their own leadership styles and begin to put the techniques they learn into action.

 Valencia College Leadership Plus Training Program 


  • Identify the type of leader you want to become
  • Establish a strategy for achieving your personal leadership mission
  • Become more connected to and involved in our community
  • Establish working and personal relationships with other participants
  • Gain practical knowledge in each session that can be applied immediately
  • Learn strategies for continued growth and development
  • Potential career advancement

Valencia College Leadership Plus Training Program


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Brand Me

Before taking responsibility for inspiring performance in others, you must be grounded and aware of who you are as a leader. This first session focuses on reflection and personal awareness in order to define and develop a direction for your personal leadership brand.

Driving Team Performance: Trophies Matter

Borrowing lessons from the sports coaches’ playbook, Leadership+ participants will learn to align team members’ talents and improve performance so that everyone wins. You’ll develop competencies in coaching, team dynamics, motivation and celebrating organizational and personal success.

Firing Up Your Communication Connections

In this session, we will focus on multiple aspects of communications, from one-on-one conversations to high stakes situations and the world of social media. Leadership+ participants will learn approaches for customizing communications and strengthening their networks, all while displaying the composure and maturity expected from a leader.

It's About Time

A 21st century leader needs to maximize every minute and opportunity throughout the day. This session is about building a better you, starting with how you manage one of your most valuable resources—your time. You will learn how to apply the finite resource of time in ways that support your work, health and life to avoid burnout.

DIYS: Design it Yourself Solutions, The Creative Architect Toolkit

In this session, we will introduce a series of tools for drafting, constructing and taking ownership of your organizational challenges. We will dive into creative problem solving, creative thinking, flexibility and foundational planning, giving you effective tools for innovative design thinking.

Vitamin C: Boosting Organizational Vibrancy in Others

This month the focus is on how Leadership+ participants can bring out the best in others. You will learn how to create meaningful development plans for employees to inspire a level of engagement that drives results.

Our Society: Inside Out

Understanding how your organization impacts the community at a micro and macro level is not only strategic, it’s smart. In this session, Leadership+ participants will experience “Simulated Society,” a game where players must establish and govern their own society. Participants will learn about the current state of the Orlando community and the societal challenges that can impact local businesses’ abilities to meet future needs.

The Crescendo: Hitting the High Note

Like symphony conductors, leaders must bring a variety of elements together to create beautiful music that inspires others. In this session, Leadership+ participants will share their notes and discoveries made throughout the program and how they plan to apply what they’ve learned within their organizations and the community.

Leadership+ Alumni Network

Valencia College Leadership Plus Training Program - Alumni Chess Pieces

Upon program completion, graduates will receive a Leadership+ certificate from Valencia College Continuing Education and will be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for professional development. From then on, you’ll automatically be part of the Leadership+ alumni community with no annual dues or renewal requirements. Alumni Benefits

  • Free post-program coaching sessions from Valencia College Continuing Education that may be completed at Valencia, your organization or online.
  • Access to advanced-level workshops offered exclusively to Leadership+ alumni.
  • Networking and lunch reunions with classmates and other Leadership+ alumni.
  • Access to the Leadership+ creativity blog.

Valencia College Leadership Plus Training Program

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