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Workforce Training and Organizational Development

Helping organizations develop the talent within.

With organizational training and workforce development from Valencia, you can develop your talent from within. From leadership classes for staff members to language training for an entire team of field services representatives, we fulfill workforce development needs at all levels. We can provide an assessment to determine your organization’s needs, provide courses to meet those identified needs and build a program that’s right for the continued development of your employees.

Flexible training options designed for working professionals.

Whether you are interested in training for a specific job, certification or industry, or would like training that would be helpful in any position, Valencia Continuing Education can provide a solution for you. Our programs provide flexible scheduling options with availability in the evenings, weekends, during the workday and online.

Courses and Training Areas

Our courses and training areas are as diverse as our students–from industry-specific programs to training that applies to all fields. Explore all of our courses and training areas – from industry-specific programs to training that is pertinent to all fields.


We offer preparation courses and programs for a variety of professional certifications that will help your résumé stand out from the crowd.


Valencia’s workshops and seminars provide important and timely knowledge regarding industry trends and also serve as networking opportunities.

Leadership Development

Valencia provides leadership training for current and up-and-coming leaders, managers and supervisors to assess and develop their skills.

Corporate University

We can create a Corporate University for your organization–a turn-key education and training program for all levels of your staff.

Does your organization need workforce development or training?

Find out how we can create a customized program for you.

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Collaborative Design Center

We can customize entire programs in support of your business objectives and provide expert facilitation for planning and process design in our Collaborative Design Center.

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