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Collaborative Design Center

The Collaborative Design Center at Valencia College is an immersive experience like no other.

This dynamic space lends itself to help businesses and organizations design solutions for cultural change, critical problems and future development. Here, creativity meets functionality to bring the most innovative solutions to light. With the help of a process design expert, a customized facilitation will be created for each client in order to ensure success.

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Collaborative Design Process

Your experience with the Collaborative Design Center will begin before you arrive. You’ll receive a consultation with a process design expert who will help identify your business objectives and design a program appropriate for your needs.


Upon arrival, your team will be welcomed in the Galley. Here, participants will gather for refreshments and socializing before the program begins and during breaks. Comfortable and configurable furniture and collaboration tools facilitate intimate conversation.

Collaborative Design Center - Gather


The Compass Room and Navigation Lounge are places for the entire group to converge as one. Here, the facilitator sets up the plan and outlines the challenge so the team can focus on convergent thinking, which concentrates on aligning, integrating and pinpointing solutions.

Collaborative Design Center - Converge


Participants will reconfigure in the Exploration Design Studios for a session in divergent thinking. This type of thinking is expansive – it’s about tapping into creativity and endless possibilities. Activities such as brainstorming and subject mapping will elicit spontaneous and free flowing ideas, helping to draw unexpected connections.

Collaborative Design Center - Diverge


Groups may rearrange and enter the four Focus Rooms, designed for small, intimate, and narrow conversations about the topic in exploration. Here, you can go for a deep dive into the details, possible pitfalls and potential gains inherent in your business objective.

Collaborative Design Center - Focus


The entire group can reconvene in the Compass Room or Navigation Lounge to share, narrow the focus, collaborate in large and small groups, identify themes and group ideas into workable solutions. Here, creativity meets functionality to bring the most innovative solutions to light.

Collaborative Design Center - Solve

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See for yourself the dynamic spaces in which your team can solve the most challenging problems. To explore the Collaborative Design Center through 360-degree panoramic movies, click on the desired image.

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For more information or to speak with a consultant, submit a request form or call 407-582-5035.

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See what makes the Collaborative Design Center an immersive experience like no other.

vitae magazine

VITAE Magazine featured creative problem solving, process design expert Gert Garman and The Collaborative Design Center in a recent article. Download it now.


Gert Garman expert facilitator

An expert in creativity and innovation, Gert Garman is the director of Valencia’s Collaborative Design Center. She is certified as a facilitator in Creative Problem Solving, Think X and Five Faces of Genius processes. A regular speaker at creativity seminars, Gert is known for her high energy and immersive approach in leading facilitated meetings and brainstorming sessions. Plan a meeting with our expert facilitator.

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