Property Management

Associate in Science (A.S.)

The Property Management Associate in Science (A.S.) degree at Valencia College is a two-year program that prepares you to go directly into a specialized career in the property management field.
As the tourism capital of the world, the greater Orlando area continues to see more and more apartment and multi-family rental properties springing up across the region. Along with this growth and expansion is the need for skilled and talented managers to help oversee and manage these properties. Through Valencia's A.S. degree in Property Management, students are trained to become highly qualified managers and other on-site personnel to help manage and operate rental properties.
Additional Advantages

The Valencia College A.S. degree in Property Management has been endorsed by the following organizations. These endorsements, along with strong support from established leaders in the property management field, gives students an opportunity to earn respected industry certifications, as well as gain valuable work experience through the program's internship requirement.

Concord Rents

The Property Management A.S. Degree program was developed with strong support and input from the property management industry and local employers. Valencia College appreciates and recognizes Concord Rents for their significant support and contribution to this program.

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Learn about the program, financial aid and how to apply. Already have industry experience? You may be eligible for credit.

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Credentials Available

This degree prepares students for the following:

  • Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Certification
  • National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) Certificate
  • Florida Real Estate License


Alternative Ways to Earn Credit

If you are currently employed in the industry and have one of the following credentials, you may be eligible to earn additional college credit towards this program:


For more information, please visit Industry Certification Agreements.

Program Sponsors

Valencia College A.S. degree in Property Management has been endorsed by these sponsors:

Apartment Association of Greater Orlando

National Apartment Association

Institute of Real Estate Management


Program Overview and Degree Requirements

Program Overview and Degree Requirements

Review course descriptions, important dates and deadlines and other programs details in the official college catalog.

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Program Length

 60 credits
  Full-time – 2 years
  Part-time – 3 years

You want to step up. We have a path to a bachelor's.

Prepare for a supervisory or management role in your field with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Business and Organizational Leadership. After completing your A.S. degree, build on your skills and expand your career opportunities by continuing your education at Valencia College and earning a bachelor's degree. We encourage you to meet with a career program advisor to create your personalized education plan.

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Learn How To

Learn How To
  • Exhibit an understanding of industry standards for marketing, demonstrating, and leasing property.
  • Develop effective techniques for managing real estate assets, including scheduling resources, inspecting performance, and analyzing financial consequences.
  • Prepare financial information that includes calculating debt service obligations, property operating expenses and cash flow.
  • Calculate common performance metrics used in the analysis of property management and investing.
  • Distinguish between discriminatory and non-discriminatory practices pertaining to marketing, leasing, and resident relations.

Job Outlook

Job Outlook

With Central Florida's exploding population growth, there is an increasing need for skilled property managers to help manage and maintain the growing number of rental properties that are being built -creating excellent career opportunities in this field. In fact, according to the latest Labor Market Statistics, property managers are listed among the Top 50 Occupations Gaining the Most New Jobs and Top 100 Fastest-Growing Jobs in our region.

Potential Careers

Potential Careers
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Administrative Service Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Managers
  • Community Association Managers

$30,000 - $50,000

Placement Rate

The average placement rate for Valencia College A.S. degree and certificate programs ranges between 90 - 95% according to the latest FETPIP data.

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Property Management Degree, Valencia College

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is property management?

Property management is a field that focuses on the management of apartments, timeshares and single-family homes as rentals. Valencia College's two-year A.S. in Property Management prepares you for a career as a property manager overseeing apartment communities or timeshare resorts.

2. What value can the A.S. in Property Management hold for me if I currently work in the industry?

The Valencia College A.S. degree will give you a broader outlook of the industry. It will also increase your industry profile through the National Apartment Association (NAA) and the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Having a two-year degree ensures future job security, as more management companies look beyond work experience to find qualified candidates. You'll also increase your earnings potential and status in the industry among your peers.

3. What value can the A.S. in Property Management hold for me if I am new to the industry?

As someone who is new to the field of property management, you'll get all the skills and background you need to effectively manage one, or more, communities. You'll learn about leasing, marketing, sound financial management, laws governing property management, and you'll have the opportunity to participate in an internship, giving you on-the-job experience. You can also gain the skills needed to test for two of the most sought-after industry certifications, the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and the National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP), both highly recognized in the industry.

4. Does this degree result in any industry certifications?

The Property Management degree program gives you all the skills you need to succeed as a property manager. This includes the skills and internship requirements necessary to sit for the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and the National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP), two well-recognized industry credentials.

5. If I get a degree in Property Management, will I get a job?

The prospects of getting a job in property management are excellent. Every apartment community needs a manager, and as the population grows, so do the number of apartments being built. The industry is also insulated from an unstable economy. People always need a place to live, and many turn to apartments when the real estate market is bad, when they are new to an area, or if they are not sure where they want to move next. These properties always need strong managers.

6. What is my earnings potential after I finish the Property Management degree program?

Earnings in the field of property management are continually increasing. Educated employees with industry certifications will make more money than those without a degree in the field or industry certifications. Starting salaries can be up to $50,000 or more a year, plus bonuses.

7. What does a typical day in property management look like?

Members of the industry would say there is no typical day. Every day is different with different experiences. Here are some testimonials from actual members of the industry about their jobs:

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8. Is the program available online?

Yes. All classes are available online, although the internship will be on site at a property in Central Florida. All program classes are also available at Osceola Campus. You can take the general education classes at any Valencia College campus.

9. Am I required to complete an internship as part of this program?

While an internship is not required, it is recommended. To be eligible to sit for the National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) certification, you are required to complete a three-credit hour internship class and a six-credit hour internship for the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM).

Note: Six credit hours for the CAM internship can include three credit hours for the NALP internship class.

Valencia College's internship office will work with you to find an internship that meets your needs and gives you an excellent experience.

10. Is the program financial aid eligible?

Yes. You will need to select “Property Management” as your major on the Valencia College application and fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be found at You can also meet with a financial aid specialist at Valencia College by visiting the Financial Aid Office at any of our campuses.

11. What do I do if I want to talk to someone about the program before I apply?

You can reach out to our Program Chair, Eldon Warfield, at or our designated Career Program Advisor, Roxana Boulos at

12. If I already have previous credits or a degree, can my credits count toward my A.S. in Property Management?

You may be able to use those credits toward some of the classes in the Property Management degree program. You should do this if your credits are from Valencia College or from another institution. For a full assessment of your credits, contact our career program advisor.

Career Program Advisor: Roxana Boulos,

13. I have an industry certification in property management or real estate. Can I get credit for it?

We do offer credit in the A.S. in Property Management for several certifications. You can have your certifications evaluated for possible credit opportunities by reaching out to our career program advisor.

Career Program Advisor: Roxana Boulos,

14. If I obtain an A.S. in Property Management, can I continue and get a bachelor's degree?

Yes. The A.S. degree in Property Management will transfer smoothly into Valencia College's Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership (BASBOL) degree program.

15. How does this degree differ from the A.S. in Business Administration - Real Estate Specialization?

The A.S. in Property Management teaches students business skills, as well as some basic property maintenance skills, needed to manage properties. You're also well-prepared to sit for the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) certifications. The A.S. in Business Administration with a Real Estate Specialization provides students with business skills and also prepares them to take the Florida Real Estate License exam.