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Business and Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership (BASBOL) degree at Valencia College will provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement, and could increase your potential earnings.

A bachelor's degree is often a requirement for management positions. The program's curriculum prepares you for supervisory and management roles in your respective field This degree will provide you with the essential skills necessary for developing an effective business plan and give you hands-on experience using the most current best practices in the industry.

You’ll choose from two concentrations: Business Management and Leadership and Change.

Business Management Concentration

Through this concentration, you’ll broaden your managerial knowledge and skills. As you prepare for managerial and administrative roles in a variety of industries, you’ll enhance your understanding of applied business practices. You will also gain experience in critical thinking and problem solving through the study of principles and real-world applications, including case studies and a capstone project.

Business Management concentration courses include:

  • Human Relations Management
  • International Management
  • Strategic Planning and Decision Making
  • Selected Topics in Management or Management Information Systems
Leadership and Change Concentration

Broaden your knowledge and skills in leading change within organizations and businesses with the Leadership and Change concentration. You’ll advance your comprehension of the leadership and change processes necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment. At the same time, you’ll gain experience with the theories, tools, and approaches in navigating, influencing, and leading change by studying the principles and real-world applications.

Leadership and Change concentration courses include:

  • Change Leadership
  • Teamwork, Collaboration and Group Dynamics
  • Negotiating and Navigating Power Relationships and Conflict
  • Managing Innovation

All 3000 and 4000 level courses for the degree program will be initially offered at Valencia College West Campus. Online options for most 3000 and 4000 level courses will also be available.


Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees in any field are direct pathways to the BASBOL degree program.

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To fulfill the lower-division (first half) of the BASBOL degree, you must complete an A.A. or A.S. degree in any field of study, or at least 60 college credit hours (including satisfaction of general education requirements for an A.A. or A.S. degree), from a regionally accredited institution.


After completing the lower-division coursework, you may move on to the upper-division (second half) of the BASBOL degree.

Admissions and Program Details

Review course descriptions, important dates and deadlines and other programs details in the official college catalog.


Steps to Completion

5 Steps to Your Bachelor's Degree Upon Completing Your A.A. or A.S. Degree.
  1. Apply for the BASBOL program. Submit your college transcripts.
  2. Once you've been accepted to the program, you will be invited to complete the online bachelor's orientation.
  3. Register for classes and meet with a program advisor if needed.
  4. Complete the program requirements as outlined in the online catalog. 60 credit hours from the A.A. or A.S. degree and 60 hours of BAS coursework. The credit courses required may vary depending on the credits you bring to the BASBOL program.
  5. Graduate with your BASBOL degree.

Program Length

 2 to 4 years

You can complete your associate and BASBOL degree program in as little as four years. If you already have an eligible associate degree, you can complete your upper-division studies in as little as two years.


Job Outlook

Job Outlook

This program is designed to prepare you for a supervision/leadership role within your respective field. There are many in-demand roles within the industry that require the advanced skills that you'll obtain in the degree program. Upon completing your bachelor's degree, you could pursue new career opportunities or potentially increase your earnings within your current organization.

Potential Careers

Potential Careers
        • Management and supervisory position in any field
        • Positions that have a minimum educational requirement of a bachelor's degree

$43,700 – $78,000

Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Bureau of Labor Market Statistics, August 2017

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Our Program Advisor is available to answer your questions, provide details about the program and courses, and help you understand the admission requirements.

Video Information SessionPlease watch this information session video. If you still have questions, please fill out the form to have the program staff contact you.

BASBOL Video Information Session

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the degree program?

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership degree is awarded from a regionally accredited college.

  • Low tuition
  • Small class sizes
  • All of the 3000/4000 level classes are offered online
  • Instructional material is free (i.e., textbooks)
  • Faculty are experts in their field
  • Degree is application-based (versus theoretical), which better prepares students for real world occupational experiences

What can I do with my degree after graduation?

  • Post-graduation: Since Valencia is a regionally accredited college, students who earn the BASBOL degree would be accepted into many graduate programs.
  • Employment and career advancement: The BASBOL degree prepares students for supervision and leadership roles in a wide range of career fields.

Do I have to have complete an A.A. or A.S. degree?

Applicants must complete an A.A. or A.S. degree in any field of study, or at least 60 college credit hours (including 15 hours of general education requirements for an A.A. or A.S. degree) from a regionally accredited institution.

If I am a Valencia College student, do I need to submit an application?

Yes, you will need to submit the Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership application online.

If I am a Valencia College student, do I need to prove Florida residency?

If you are an active Valencia College student, you do not need to prove Florida residency. If you are an inactive Valencia College student, you will need to submit the re-admit Florida residency form.

What is the tuition for the bachelor's program?

Valencia's baccalaureate student fee/tuition cost per credit hour is $112.19 for in-state and $427.59 for non-Florida resident for the 3000 and 4000 level courses.  If you completed your college credit A.A. degree at Valencia and chose to complete the B.A.S. in Business and Organizational Management, the total tuition cost will be around $13,000.

What are the math requirements?

The math pathway is very flexible. Students must meet the general education math requirements.

How will my credits transfer?

Each transcript will be evaluated on an individual basis.

How long is the credit evaluation process?

Credit evaluations can take up to 30 business days. Each evaluation is reviewed manually.

How long will it take to finish my degree?

The program is 60 credits; if you attend full time, the program will complete in two years. Our program is designed to be flexible around your schedule.

Does financial aid pay for this degree?

The program is financial aid eligible. You will need to determine if you are financial aid eligible.

Does the VA pay for this degree?

The program is eligible for VA benefits. You will need to determine your VA benefit eligibility.

How do I find my Academic Advisor?

Your academic advisor will be assigned after you have completed orientation and can be found in your Atlas account, under the Courses tab, Academic Profile.

What is the application deadline?

Applications submitted after the Application Priority Deadline stated in the online Important Dates and Deadlines Calendar will be accepted. Applications received after the priority deadline will be processed; however, class selection is limited and financial aid will not be processed by the fee payment deadline.

Do I need to write an essay to apply?

No essay is required.

How do I apply?

The Valencia College website for the online application

Can I apply if I didn't graduate from Valencia College?

Yes, applicants should have completed an A.A. degree or A.S. degree from a regionally accredited institution prior to admittance.


For additional Questions and Answers about this program, visit the department web page.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership (BAS-BOL)

Frequently Asked Questions