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Transferring with an A.A. Degree
Florida Public Universities

All A.A. graduates are guaranteed admission into one of Florida's 12 state universities as a junior (but not necessarily to the school or program of their choice).

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Private Schools

In addition to the agreement within the state university system, Valencia has partnered with many other institutions to expand your transfer options. See the list of partner institutions.

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Out-of-State Schools

Although the A.A. degree does not guarantee admission to an out-of-state institution, you can still fulfill many of the required lower division courses at Valencia. You can find out an institution's requirements by visiting their website or contacting them directly. Then, a Valencia advisor can help you develop an educational plan that incorporates those courses.

Transferring with an A.S. Degree
A.S. to B.A./B.S. Degrees

These programs prepare you to enter directly into a specialized career field after completing your program at Valencia. They also enable you to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the same field by transferring to a partnering four-year institution.

Private Schools

Valencia has transfer agreements for specific programs at various private four-year institutions.

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