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Student Life

Valencia College offers plenty of opportunities to meet other students, make friends and get involved on campus. So, join in and make the most of your college experience.

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Clubs and Organizations


Valencia offers more than 60 groups, clubs and organizations, including clubs for movie, book, art and animal lovers, clubs for African-American, Latino, Caribbean and Muslim students, career interest groups, student government and Valencia Volunteers. We also offer intramural sports and campus fitness centers for aspiring athletes and those who just want to stay in shape.

Campus Activities


From film festivals to music and dance concerts, plays, guest speakers and cultural events, there's always something happening on Valencia's campuses. The biggest student event is Spirit Day, a festival held each fall. A long-standing tradition, this fun-filled event features music, food, games and contests.

Around Town


Year-round sunshine, local theme parks and nearby beaches have made Central Florida a vacation destination-and a great place to live. Nearby theme parks, shopping and restaurants are just the beginning of the student activities available in Orlando. Valencia students can also take advantage of the arts venues, music and sports scenes downtown.

Study Abroad


Valencia's study abroad program prepares students to live, work, and collaborate effectively in a global community by providing learning experiences that promote an understanding of cultural diversity, increase language acquisition and fluency, and develop intercultural competency.